My Green Lunch - Fresh & Sustainable Lunch For All!
About Us

My Green Lunch is a family owned company, launched in 2012 with the mission to provide locally sourced food from farms (not factories), helping to promote the farm to school movement.

We believe that food should:
Fresh – Food should come from farm to school, not the factory to school
Educational – Know where your food comes and why it's important to support local farmers and eat healthy
Sustainable – Food purchasing has a direct impact on the environment, this includes sourcing from sustainable farms as well as supporting sustainable packaging
Culture– Food should foster a sense of community and embody many cultures
Health – Food should be Real – Free of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides

What Defines Our Food?
• Preservative & Chemical Free
• Pesticide Free
• Locally Sourced – From Local Family Farms
• Sustainably Produced
• Free Range Dairy, Eggs, and Meats
• Seasonal

What makes the My Green Lunch School Lunch Program the best?

My Green Lunch meals are prepared fresh and in small batches from scratch each morning (really early) and include fruits and vegetables sourced from local and organic family farms whenever possible.  We are proud members of CAFF (Community Alliance for Family Farmers).

Our entrees,  freshly cut fruits, and sliced veggies are served in compostable containers (98% of our packaging is compostable from World Centric, with 2% recyclable) making them easier to eat and more likely to be taken by younger children.

Our program is unique in that it strives to meet the dietary needs and restrictions of all students, including gluten free, nut free (of course!), dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan options in our menu offering.   

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